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Well Planning - RMSwellplan

Planning Drillable Wells in 3D. With the high costs associated with many wells, getting the right location can save millions.

Roxar’s RMSwellplan allows interactive target planning based on seismic, structural framework, geological or simulation models. A drillable trajectory is then automatically generated based on various, customisable drilling constraints.

Better Target Choices
With the ability to plan targets using a wide range of reservoir data, geophysical, geological and engineering data can all be used to find the optimal target location.

Faster Iterations
The automated constraints based trajectory calculation can dramatically reduce iterations between the subsurface team and the drilling engineer, thereby resulting in less time wasted and reduced cycle time.

Reduced Risk
Integration with the rest of the reservoir modelling workflow allows for prospective well placement scenarios to be tested quickly in reservoir simulation and also evaluated against a wide range of reservoir uncertainties, helping reduce the risk of failure.

Reduced Costs
Drillling program costs can be reduced by automatically optimising the platform location and trajectories, for a predefined set of targets, as a part of the well planning process.