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Well Correlation – RMSwellstrat

Integrated Geological Interpretation and Well Correlation

RMSwellstrat is a correlation and geological interpretation tool integrated into the E&P industry’s leading 3D reservoir modelling solution, Irap RMS. It allows interpreters to handle complex geology and realistic well geometries in a truly 3D environment, dramatically shortened geological interpretation workflows.

Faster Interpretation Workflows
Tight integration with the rest of the reservoir characterization workflow considerably reduces the time to build and update the reservoir model.

Improved Understanding of the Reservoir
The ability to visualize and correlate wells in both 2D and 3D improves the geologist’s capability to understand the complex relationships between horizons, faults and wells.

Integration of Reservoir Data
The geologist gets access to more than just well data and picks when correlating. Any other reservoir data available within IRAP RMS; seismic attributes, geological models, simulation results; can also be used to improve the quality of the interpretation.

Real Time Model Updating
A direct WITSML link allows live well data to be visualized and interpreted whilst drilling. The reservoir model can then be updated to reflect the latest information and used to optimise the well placement in real time.


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