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Uncertainty Management

3D Model based Risk and Uncertainty Management

In the oil & gas industry, executive level decisions with respect to field acquisitions, development or divestiture tend to have multi million dollar values.

Roxar’s uncertainty management is integrated into the industry’s leading 3D reservoir modelling solution, IRAP RMS™, allowing risks to be assessed and decisions made using realistic 3D static and dynamic reservoir models and ensuring that the goal of maximum reservoir performance is achieved.

Improved Decisions
A quantified understanding of the reservoir uncertainty and risk ensures that the best option from a range of possible scenarios is chosen. Whatever the approach to risk, operators can choose the scenario that has the correct balance of risk versus reward; helping maximise return on investment.

Reduced Risk
Once the reservoir uncertainties have been identified and quantified these can be used not only to help reduce project risk but also where to focus further investment.

Faster Workflows
A customisable workflow driven approach enables faster and simpler models of uncertainty to be built capturing the appropriate level of detail for the required decision. Increased productivity comes from not requiring a detailed model to be built until it is appropriate to do so.

Complete Workflow Uncertainty
Roxar’s uncertainty management solution allows for the reservoir uncertainty to be analysed and quantified across the complete reservoir modelling workflow, ensuring that uncertainties at each step are integrated and captured.