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Structural Modelling

Next Generation Structural Modelling

The structure of a field is often one of the most critical components of the reservoir model and can account for the greatest uncertainty in terms of in-place reserves.

Roxar’s game changing structural modelling solution, fully integrated into IRAP RMS, provides the tools and workflows for getting from data to 3D grid with a minimum number of steps and without compromising the structural integrity of the model.

Fast and Efficient
Roxar’s structural modelling includes tools and technology for fault and horizon modelling which can reduce the time required to build a structural framework from weeks to days. Dramatically enhancing productivity compared to other software.

Fast Model Updates
Workflow management tools make the model update process is fast and streamlined. Fast model updating ensures that decisions are based on the latest data and interpretations. Models can also be updated in real time as part of Roxar’s geosteering workflows.

Improved reservoir simulation results
The structural framework building is complemented by advanced 3D grid building. This ensures that the structural complexity can be incorporated into a high quality 3D grid suitable for both geological modelling and reservoir simulation

Larger model sizes
Roxar’s structural modelling has been designed to handle hundreds or even thousands of faults in a single model, making even extremely complex structural models possible without requiring over simplification. The level of structural complexity required is now a user choice rather than being imposed by the software tools.


Reduce your structural modelling cycle times from weeks to days.

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