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Streamline Analysis - RMSstream

Flow Based Reservoir Model Analysis

RMSstream is a single phase streamline analysis tool which allows extremely fast analysis of flow patterns within the reservoir model, even on multi-million cell geological models. 

With an easy to use user interface it can be used by goescientists and reservoir engineers to quickly validate geological models and upscaled simulation models. Integration with IRAP RMS and its workflow tools makes also allows for easy screening and ranking of multiple realisations or scenarios.

Fast and Scalable
RMSstream is complementary to the standard reservoir simulation, allowing for quick results on even large geological models which would not otherwise be possible. It allows for extremely rapid iterations and the ranking of multiple models prior to more in depth analysis using a full physics reservoir simulator, such as RMSflowsim.

Better Reservoir Models
RMSstream can be used to validate multi-million cell geological models against measured production data, ensuring that the reservoir heterogeneity is correctly represented.

Better Upscaling
Streamlines are also an excellent tool for helping to validate the upscaled reservoir simulation model. This helps to refine the choice of upscaling technique, grid cell sizes and orientation and ensuring results which accurately reflect the fine scale geological model.