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RMS Video Presentations

Welcome to the RMS video presentation site. Here you will find a selection of our relase presentations and the presentations on RMS made at conferences and trade shows around the world.

RMS2009 Videos

Presentations to show the new features and functionalities of the latest release.

 Local Model Update

 Introduction to RMS2009


EAGE, Amsterdam 8-11 June 2009

Presentations held at the Roxar stand:

 Realtime Local Update Presentation

  Structural Modelling Presentation


AAPG, Denver US, 7-10 June 2009

 No Stress Fractures Presentation


Please note that the movies may take some time to download the first time.  Either click on the video - it will load into a separate window.  Or right click and 'Save Target As' to store on your own machine - you will then be able to access the video from there (you will need MacroMedia Flash to play it).