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Full List of RMS Videos Available

RMS2009 Videos available with reference to website categories


RMS 2009 Overview                           8m 26s                         Presentation Video

Slideshow giving a complete overview of the new features and enhancements in RMS2009.


                       Technical Video

Detailed demonstration of the new user interface with reference to basic functionality and layout.


                       Technical Video

Detailed technical demonstration outlines setting the units & coordinates and importing a suite of different data types using standard import and customised format design.


                         Technical Video

Demonstration to help previous RMS users navigate and become familiar with the new layout, includes 10 useful tips and hints.


Introduction to RMS 2009                    4m 19s                         Presentation Video

Presentation summarising the highlights of RMS 2009.


                         Technical Video

Technical demonstration showing creation of a scatter plot and histogram and the different filtering options and settings available. 


Local Model Update                            6m 30s                         Presentation Video

                     Technical Video

Slideshow and demonstration outlining the new local model update tool for facies indicators and petrophysical modelling (details of functionality).


RMS 2009 Local Model Update          15m 42s                                   Webinar Video

Recording of the local update webinar includes the local updating of the structure (depth surface and grid) and an example of local property updating (facies and petrophysical models). The full local updating workflow is also outlined.


RMS 2009 – General                           20m 59s                       Webinar Video

New features outlined within the workflow concept. Slideshow and demonstration for illustration of some points, particularly the user interface, simple data import, structural modelling, data analysis & realtime monitoring.


Structural modelling Presentation           9m 41s                         Presentation Video

 “Removing the modelling bottleneck – complex structural models made easy” Slideshow and demonstration including Y and lambda faults and gridding with pillars vs stair-stepped faults.


                Technical Video

Slideshow and demonstration of the reservoir engineering tools in RMS, with an introduction of the user interface followed by structure and gridding capabilities, use of control lines and more


Realtime Local Update Presentation      16m 43s                       Presentation Video

 “Presenting Roxar’s new realtime monitoring and local property model updating functionality”

Slideshow and demonstration running through a workflow including the planning, drilling and monitoring of a well, in addition to local updating of the structure, and properties.


No Stress Fractures            12m 43s                                              Presentation Video

 “Stress may cause fractures, but fractures shouldn’t cause stress”

Slideshow and demonstration (using RMS and FracPerm) explaining fracture uncertainty and outlining 3 scenarios suggested by an asset team for a carbonate reservoir.

RMS2009 - Structural Modelling Webinar       12m 13s             Webinar Video

“Removing the modelling bottleneck – Structural Modelling made easy”

This is a recording of Roxar’s Structural Modelling Webinar presented on the 10th September. The structural modelling workflow is demonstrated with some complex structures highlighted.

Turbidite Modelling      12m 34s           Technical Video

 Demonstration of Turbidite modelling using the object modelling technique - Facies:Composite. Multiple realisations are produced and various QC tools are highlighted including the new Data Analysis functionality.

Sedseis Webinar       10m 40s       Webinar Video

A description of Sedseis and how it fits with the limitations of seismic resolution and stochastic modelling methods. Advantages of the technique are outlined showing this to be a very powerful approach to generating accurate, geologically realistic facies models.

RMS 2010

RMS 2010 Sneak Peek Video    6m 24s     Presentation Video

Presentation summarising the highlights of RMS 2010