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Local Model Update

Local Model Update is a new module, unique to RMS, which allows you to update the 3D grid and property model in a localised area. Particularly useful when new wells are drilled, it allows you to quickly update the model around the new well, without altering the rest of the model.

Key features:

  • Keeps reservoir models live and up to date at all times
  • Adjustment area fully controllable by users, by polygon or variogram.  Auto setting can also be used, where RMS decides the smallest area required to robustly change the model
  • All parameters changed, including 3D grid structure, facies & petrophysical parameters
  • Unique advanced algorithms produce models which are geologically robust, without any ‘patchwork’ effects
  • Allows you to incorporate all latest reservoir data, without the need to perform field wide history match each time

Download Local Update Video

Download ROX InFlow article on Local Update Modelling