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  • RMS 2010 Software Download and Information for Software Users

    This area provides information for RMS software users and IT administrators on downloading and using RMS 2010

  • Real Time Well Monitoring

    RMSrealtime is a new module which allows monitoring of a well while it is being drilled and analysis with reference to the 3D model. The functionality enables asset teams to view the 3D model together with the new well, which assists decision making and helps steer the well to the most profitable target.

  • Local Model Update

    Local Model Update is a new module, unique to RMS, which allows you to update the 3D grid and property model in a localised area. Particularly useful when new wells are drilled, it allows you to quickly update the model around the new well, without altering the rest of the model.

  • Improved Data Import

    The data import routines have been updated and standardized for each data type and a flexible graphical design tool has been implemented to allow you to easily design custom formats.

  • Structural Modelling

    Released in 2007, our premier solution for structural modelling has received much praise from clients for its ease of use and robustness. Since then, we have focused on the most challenging structures provided by our clients to deliver in RMS 2009 improvements which allow you to model virtually any structure in minutes and build a robust 3D grid from it.

  • New User Interface

    The user interface for RMS has been re-designed to provide a modern and intuitive setup, which resembles familiar everyday software applications.

  • New Data Analysis Tools

    The RMS data analysis functionality has been re-designed to give you high quality plots using a quick and easy 'drag & drop' setup