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Petrophysics Modelling - RMSpetrophysics

Industry Leading Solutions for Modelling Reservoir Geology

An accurate model of the reservoir geology is a crucial input to the complete field development planning process. Without it costly decisions like the placement of wells and future predictions about production volumes, using reservoir simulation, will be wrong.

IRAP RMS offers what is widely recognised as the industry’s leading tools for geological modelling. Nowhere else is such a comprehensive and reliable suite of tools available. These tools are offered in three separate modules, allowing our clients to customize what they buy to their individual needs.

The Petrophysical Modelling module offers a full range of methods for modelling smaller scale petrophysical properties such as porosity, permeability and water saturation. Interpolation, krigging, stochastic simulation and a water saturation calculator are included. Commonly it is used in combination with facies modelling to capture geological heterogeneity at different scales.

Automated Analysis
Modelling of petrophysical properties can involve a lot of detailed trend analysis. IRAP RMS provides a range of tools to remove the hard work, automating or semi-automating the analysis process whilst still offering detailed manual analysis for the expert.

Honor Reservoir Geology
A wide range of options are available for matching seismic attribute and trend data, including intra body trends. Thus ensuring that that an accurate geological model, with the appropriate level of detail can be built. 

A Solution to Every Problem
IRAP RMS provides the tools for building both simple and more complex models, allowing the reservoir model to develop as requirements change or more data becomes available, rather than imposing software related restrictions.