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OpenSpirit Integration

OpenSpirit is a data and application integration framework for the E&P industry that can streamline your work processes and bring together the tools you already use in ways that were never before possible. The OpenSpirit integration with Irap RMS allows the user to access data in central repositories.


Roxar's fully integrated implementation of OpenSpirit technology into IRAP RMS gives end users access to any OpenSpirit-enabled data store, allowing them to import corporate data into RMS projects.

 Supported data types include:

  • Project
  • Wellbore list, Well, Wellbore, Well Picks and Well LogTrace
  • 3D seismic Survey and DataSet
  • 2D seismic Survey and Line
  • Horizon (Grids, Pointset and Fault boundaries)
  • Faults (2D and 3D)
  • Cultural Data (points, polyline and polygon features)

OpenSpirit enables Irap RMS users to transparently access data from any certified data source in the network including OpenWorks/SeisWorks, GeoFrame and ArcSDE. For a full list of supported data sources click here

Irap RMS 2009 supports OpenSpirit v2.9.x and v3.x.