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RMS 2010 - Property Modelling Toolbox

An expanded Property Modelling Toolbox consisting of a new Multipoint Statistic tool and the Sedseis property modelling tool, which allows the user to capitalise on seismic data and bridges the gap between deterministic and stochastic modelling.

RMS 2010 comes with a number of additional property modelling features.  Our new multi-point statistics tool, for example, extends the modeller’s reach by taking a guide image, analysing the pattern of sedimentation, and using it to create a unique, data-matched model. Using a pixel based (grid cell by grid cell) approach for building stochastic facies realizations, multi-point statistics allows the user to condition 3D training images of the interpreted heterogeneities in the reservoir, in addition to wells and seismic.  

RMS 2010 also includes Roxar’s Sedseis property modelling tools which will enable users to reach into that uncertain area below the limits of seismic resolution but above the optimum scale for probabilistic modelling.

The improved Sedseis functionality allows the user to utilise every last drop of information from seismic. This is achieved by blending data extracted from seismic with geo statistical tools, such as guide lines and trends, to generate well-constrained sedimentary bodies.  This ability to access both deterministic and statistical techniques also gives the modeller access to the grey area between seismic resolution and data-constrained statistical modelling.