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Indicator Facies Modelling - RMSindicators

Industry Leading Solutions for Modelling Reservoir Geology

An accurate model of the reservoir geology is a crucial input to the complete field development planning process. Without it costly decisions like the placement of wells and future predictions about production volumes, using reservoir simulation, will be wrong.

IRAP RMS offers what is widely recognised as the industry’s leading tools for geological modelling. Nowhere else is such a comprehensive and reliable suite of tools available. These tools are offered in three separate modules, allowing our clients to customize what they buy to their individual needs.

The Indicator Facies Modelling module includes Roxar’s own advanced sequential indicator simulation, a pixel based modelling method ideal for large reservoirs or reservoirs with thousands of wells. With the ability to honor a wide range of trends and seismic attributes, this algorithm is very flexible and also includes accurate volume matching constraints to ensure reliable results.

Thousands of Wells, Millions of Cells
The algorithm is extremely fast, making it ideal for very large reservoirs. Due to its speed and flexibility it is also ideal where there is a large amount of reservoir data available.

Accurate Results
Small errors in modelled volume can have a large impact on final volume figures. The algorithm ensures accurate matching of the input volume fractions, including accurate honoring of vertical and horizontal facies proportions.

Attributes and Trends
Several options are available for conditioning to seismic data in addition to comprehensive support for trend data. Vertical proportion curves can be quickly estimated and applied whilst horizontal trends can control both facies proportion as well as azimuth and correlation length.