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Grid Design and Upscaling – RMSsimgrid

Helping Bridge the Gap between Geologists and Engineers

The ability to transfer robust and accurate models to the reservoir simulator is very important. This is where production predictions will be generated, to be used for economic analysis and detailed field development planning.

RMSsimgrid includes tools for building simulation friendly grids, upscaling the fine scale reservoir properties and post simulation analysis of the results. The integrated workflow ensures that the models coarse scale models generated are completely consistent with the geological model.

Improved Communication
With an integrated workflow IRAP RMS breaks down the traditional barriers between the geoscientist and reservoir engineer. Collectively they can bring all their knowledge together to make better informed decisions.

Simulation Ready Grids
Robust gridding and quality control tools ensure that the grids built in RMSsimgrid are optimised for simulation. This helps ensure better performance within the reservoir simulation phase, less time to get the simulation model running and also more accurate results.

Accurate Upscaled Results
Both standard and flow based upscaling methods are available to ensure the impact of the fine scale geological model is represented within the reservoir simulator.

Co-visualization of the Reservoir
Reservoir simulation results can be visualized along side the geological mode , allowing for updating and planning to incorporate both static and dynamic results.