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Fracture Modelling – FracPerm

Fractured Reservoir Modelling Made Easy

With many of the world's proven oil reserves lying in areas with fracture-affected recovery, fractures have a crucial impact on the behavior and development of many reservoirs.

Roxar is meeting that challenge today through FracPerm™ – an integrated, easy to use package which will better represent the effect of fractures within the reservoir, quantify risk and increase reservoir performance.

Using its industry leading software IRAP RMS™, a full DFN (Discrete Fracture Network) model and fast-track permeability modelling, Roxar was the first company to bring fracture modelling into mainstream 3D modelling and simulation. FracPerm remains the only four-step, no-fuss method of assessing the impact of fractures on reservoir behavior.

The Integration of FracPerm™ with IRAP RMS™ allows fractures to be built into existing 3D models created by IRAP RMS™, results are stored within the IRAP RMS project.

Faster Results
Traditional tools often require a lot of detailed input which can result in one model taking a number of months to build. The Roxar approach is to concentrate only on the important things and allow multiple scenarios to be generated and quickly compared.

Asset Team Tool
FracPerm brings the evaluation of the impact of fractures on the reservoir back to the asset team which normally has the greatest understanding of the reservoir behavior.

Links to Simulation
FracPerm generates all the output required for single or dual porosity simulation. The results can be easily exported to a range of standard simulators from IRAP RMS.