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Flow Simulation - RMSflowsim

Easy to Use Reservoir Simulation for the Asset Team

RMSflowsim enables seamless integration of both the static and dynamic reservoir models, together within the same software product. This allows geoscientists and engineers to work more closely together in order to better understand the reservoir and optimise development plans.

Roxar’s integrated approach to simulation gives the whole asset team quick and easy access to reservoir simulation. This can, for example, be used for sector modelling analysis, reservoir model validation or as part of reservoir uncertainty quantification.

RMSflowsim provides keyword free access through the IRAP RMS interface to Roxar’s powerful full physics, black oil reservoir simulator, Tempest-MORE.

With no keywords to worry about and direct access to the model data, RMSflowsim is easy for any reservoir professional to use. This allows for the asset team to spend time on answering questions about the reservoir rather than learning thousands of keywords.

Better Reservoir Models

Fast iteration between the static and dynamic reservoir models allows the model to be quickly evaluated based upon both geological and engineering data. The reservoir simulation results can also be used as part of reservoir uncertainty workflows, helping to manage risk and improve decision making.

Improved Communication

With an integrated workflow IRAP RMS breaks down the traditional barriers between the geoscientist and reservoir engineer. Collectively they can bring all their knowledge together to make better informed decisions.