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Fault Seal Analysis – RMSfaultseal

Fault Seal Analysis for Geologists and Reservoir Engineers

Despite the fact that they can have a big impact on reservoir compartmentalisation and communication, fault properties are often not modelled as part of the reservoir modelling workflow. Instead the reservoir engineer is left to try and apply simulation modifiers to account for the differences in observed production.

RMSfautseal is integrated into IRAP RMS, allowing for a range of fault properties to be calculated based on the structural and geological model. In addition to the standard Manzocchi and Sperrevik methods for calculating fault permeability, the module also incorporates Shale Gouge Ratio (SGR) curves which allow for directly measured field data to also be used.

Improved Decision Making
By taking fault properties into account, an improved reservoir model can be developed leading to quicker and improved history matching and better decision-making.

Faster Workflows and Increased Productivity.
Fully integrated within IRAP RMS™, the results of RMSfaultseal can be used directly in the integrated reservoir simulator, RMSflowsim, or they can be exported to other industry standard simulators.