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Facies Modelling - RMSfacies

Industry Leading Solutions for Modelling Reservoir Geology

An accurate model of the reservoir geology is a crucial input to the complete field development planning process. Without it costly decisions like the placement of wells and future predictions about production volumes, using reservoir simulation, will be wrong.

IRAP RMS offers what is widely recognised as the industry’s leading tools for geological modelling. Nowhere else is such a comprehensive and reliable suite of tools available. These tools are offered in three separate modules, allowing our clients to customize what they buy to their individual needs.

The Facies Modelling module offers a range of methods for the modelling of geological facies and lithology. This includes Roxar’s unique object modelling methods, as well as a truncated Gaussian method for transitional environments.

Preserve reservoir connectivity
Object modelling not only produces results which look geological, but unlike pixel based methods the objects explicitly preserve connectivity. This connectivity can be crucial in some reservoirs when predicting hydrocarbon flow and water breakthrough.

Honor Reservoir Data
The predictive value of any model is worthless if it does not match the observed reservoir data. Roxar’s facies modelling tools are the best available at not just matching large numbers of wells but also seismic attributes and trends. Directly observed seismic geobodies can also be correctly incorporated into the model using Roxar’s unique FaciesSedseis tool.

Maximise Reservoir Performance
Reliable geological reservoir models are the foundation stones upon which optimum field development and hydrocarbon recovery are built. Don’t risk multi million dollar decisions on an 80% solution.