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Turning information into Value

Roxar is a leading international provider of products and associated services for reservoir management and production optimisation. Roxar has two main divisions; Software Solutions and Flow Measurement.

Roxar offers software for reservoir interpretation, modelling and simulation, as well as instrumentation for well planning, monitoring and metering.

Increased returns on assets:
Roxar understands reservoir description and flow dynamics. Our knowledge, technology and services generate continuous information of value to oil and gas companies challenged with maximising returns from their reservoir assets.

Acquisitions combined with continuous product development over recent years have enhanced our product offering along with the services we offer our customers. Roxar provides a comprehensive line of real-time, in-line multiphase measurement instruments as well as software for 3-D reservoir modelling and simulation.

Roxar's entire portfolio of products will have a positive impact on your profitability.

Roxar is a truly international company with a network of offices in all the major oil and gas producing countries in the world.