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RMS 2010

With RMS 2010 we bring you a high quality and easy-to-use reservoir modelling suite with major improvements across the entire workflow, with a wide-ranging makeover of our well correlation tools, new model building and property modelling tools and ever-improving 3D gridding and better communication with external simulators.

NEW! RMS 2010.1 was released on 26 August 2010.

RMS 2010.1 adds advanced seismic volume visualization tools to the workflow - tools which facilitate thorough quality control of interpretations, structural and property models, simulation models, and well plans. The import of 2D and 3D seismic data is extremely easy and the modern visualization sets a new standard in performance by unleashing the power of modern graphic cards.  Click here to view an overview video on YouTube.

RMS provides the industry's smoothest and most powerful geo-modelling workflow.

Reservoir models are arguably the most important decision-making tool that operators have at their disposal in the oil and gas industry today. The latest version of the Roxar industry leading reservoir modelling solution, RMS 2010, takes the user experience to new levels with a host of new innovations. These include:

 Watch the highlights video here or on YouTube here .